Mino Takahashi, Global Learning Center, Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Tohoku University

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Regarding my education, I went to Waseda University in Japan and majored in Law. I had chances to study in the USA for summer vacations, where I improved my English skills and studied with international and American students. After I graduated from university, I entered Essex University in the UK and received a LLM in International Human Rights Law, then went to the Institute of Education, which is a part of University College London, where I received a 2nd master, the MA in Social Justice and Education. During both programs, I was deeply impressed by the discussions with my peers. My classmates came from all over the world, and a lot of them had work experiences. Their discussions were based on their practical experiences.

As my research topic, I chose the right to education from perspective of how to protect children’s best interests and thought about how to change Japanese education systems through learning about British and American educational reforms.
After I came back to Japan, I started working in education, as a counselor for students who were thinking to study abroad, an English teacher and in other positions. I finally got a chance to work at Osaka University. I also entered Osaka University for my PhD program, and received a PhD in Human Sciences.

Professionally, I am teaching Human Rights Education for international and Japanese students at Tohoku University in Japan. Also, I am researching universal human rights education by comparing British and American curriculum and practices. One of my research goals is discovering how to create a collaborative atmosphere where people from different backgrounds can come and work together in one community under the principle of Human Rights.





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